Anton Danyluk, the ripped reality star from Lanarkshire, has battled body insecurity all his life. As an overweight kid, he faced body-shaming and bullying. He reacted by hitting the gym to build muscle and confidence. But despite his toned body, he is still anxious about his appearance – and he is not alone. More than a quarter of teenage boys in Scotland stress about their body image, and social media is making the problem worse.

Now Anton wonders if he is part of the issue, as he peppers his socials with muscly selfies and gym shots. Is he both hiding his insecurities and making boys believe in an unrealistic ideal body? He meets young men who struggle with their body image to understand how they are affected by what they see online, and compares their experiences of body-shaming with his own. In a frank, personal journey, he examines his time on reality TV and speaks to mental health experts as he questions how the media obsession with ‘ripped physiques’ affects Scotland’s young men.

Showing as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, this sensitive documentary follows Love Island Star and fitness influencer Anton Danyluk as he confronts the pressing issue of male body confidence. ... Danyluk is thoughtful and self-aware, and delivers his report with concern and honesty.

The Courier

An eye-opening chat with a group of high school lads reveals that social media puts them under tremendous pressure to look “hench”, and the recollection of his own panicked 12-week diet before appearing on Love Island prompts the realisation that his own self image might be distorted by obsessive dysmorphia. Parents of teenage girls might be familiar with the territory, but those of boys should seek this out - Pick of The Week.

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