Every year in the UK 3.5 million people seek help for their acne. But with no simple cure, how can you tackle a condition that destroys careers, lives and relationships?

In this programme three severe acne sufferers put a range of cutting edge treatments to the test to see if they can finally stop their life-changing condition.

Twenty-two year old Lou from London lost her modelling career when she started to develop acne as a teenager. After trying countless treatments that have failed to work, Lou agrees to test a powerful drug with major side effects to see if this could finally be the answer.

Forty-one year old Tam from Cornwall says the acne that appeared following the birth of her daughter has robbed her of part of who she is. Tam is too scared to leave the house without make up and has tried a number of different treatments that haven’t beaten her acne. Following a surprising new diagnosis, Tam puts a change in diet to the test to see if this could be the secret to clear skin.

Twenty year old Jason from Glasgow has seen his life severely affected by the acne on his back. It has made him uncomfortable taking his clothes off and has impacted his relationships. Following disappointing results from traditional treatments, Jason meets an expert in Chinese Medicine to see if an alternative therapy can help beat his acne and give him the confidence to show people his body again.