BBC announces Murder Trial

Inside The Murder Trial: The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming is a unique two part series with unprecedented access to a high profile murder trial that has gripped the country. Exclusive in-court filming of this incredible case was granted by the Lord President of the Court of Session, the trial judge Lord Matthews, The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and Police Scotland.

Commissioned jointly by BBC Two and BBC Scotland, this unique two-part documentary is made by the team behind the acclaimed BBC Scotland series Murder Case. It follows the police investigation in to the disappearance of a vulnerable woman from the west of Scotland, Margaret Fleming, and the subsequent prosecution of her carers for murder in the High Court in Glasgow.

Edward Cairney and Avril Jones stand accused of killing Margaret, disposing of her body and claiming benefits in her name for 16 years.

The case will take viewers deep into the inner workings of Scotland’s justice system, its social care system and of a rural community coming to terms with the prospect of a brutal and calculated crime occurring unnoticed in its midst.

This is a ground-breaking documentary for BBC Two that takes the audience into the very centre of a trial that gripped a nation.

Patrick Holland, Controller BBC Two