Murder Trial: The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming

Margaret Fleming was a vulnerable adult looked after by two carers, Edward Cairney and Avril Jones, in a remote coastal property in the village of Inverkip. But when police asked neighbours about Margaret, they were told she hadn’t been seen for nearly 20 years.

Just before Christmas in 1999 the then 19 year old Margaret had seemingly disappeared. Yet not one person had reported her missing.

With unprecedented access to a high profile murder trial that gripped Scotland, together with access to the police investigation and the prosecution and defence teams, this unique two-part documentary tells the story of a trial without a body, a community without answers and a young woman without the means to look after herself - lost by a social care system, lost by friends and family and lost to time.

Superb... A gripping legal drama about neglect and avarice in a remote coastal community, a tragic and often surreal tale delivered with sensitivity and meticulous craft.

Sunday Times

This week, in an extraordinary BBC documentary, viewers will see exactly what jurors see: justice at the sharp end as the cameras reveal the inner workings of the trial process. Courtroom dramas are, of course, staples of our television schedules - but never before quite like this.

Daily Mail

Utterly absorbing

The Independent

Astonishing... Riveting drama... Turns the idea that fiction is more compelling than fact on its head.... However you do it, catch up with this one as quickly as you can.

The Herald