Murder Case

With unparalleled access to Police Scotland’s Major Investigations Team, this new observational documentary series goes behind the scenes on some of the most serious and complex and murder investigations in the country.  

Filmed over the course of 15 months, Murder Case follows an extraordinary team of detectives as they investigate high profile murder cases, starting with the disappearance of Julie Reilly.

47-year-old Julie vanished from her Govan flat in March 2018. For more than a year, detectives searched for her using cutting edge forensics, phone tracking, helicopter and diver searches, until they finally uncovered the truth Julie’s family so desperately sought.

Gaining unprecedented access to the investigation, this powerful series... is about frustration, determination and resourcefulness. It's about the often desperate process, but it's also about the faith and hope that society has an answer to those who take someone's life away.

The Herald