This special 9pm episode of Channel 4's investigative Dispatches strand looks at Britain's soaring food prices, and examines how some supermarkets and suppliers have reacted to protect their profits.

In the run up to the crucial Christmas trading period, reporter Harry Wallop discovers some of our favourite products have secretly been reformulated, uncovering how cheaper ingredients are replacing more expensive ones. He investigates why prices have gone up the most on budget lines, making the supermarket shop even more expensive for those who can least afford it, and looks at how some big brands have managed to sustain or even increase their profit margins. Harry learns how loyalty-card discounts are really funded - and why they aren't always what they're cracked up to be. And he finds out what supermarkets really want you spending money on this Christmas.

Critic's Choice - It's no secret that food prices have soared, nor that many products have been subject to "shrinkflation", but that doesn't make Harry Wallop's investigation into supermarkets' tactics for profit protection any less shocking.

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What to Watch this week - If you struggle to pay, don't think for a moment that the big retailers and suppliers have been taking a similar hit. Harry Wallop investigates the methods that are being deployed to protect the bottom lines of big companies

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