Must have heated dressing gown? How about a Himalayan salt lamp? Supermarkets Lidl and Aldi have created shopping destinations in their middle aisles, luring in customers with eclectic products you never realised you needed and creating social media sensations.

Denise Van Outen uncovers the clever strategies behind the seemingly disorganised middle aisles, discovering how the German discount supermarkets exploit our ‘fear or missing out’ to keep us coming back for more. She also reveals the secrets behind the low-prices and smart branding of our favourite middle aisle products, putting them to the test against market rivals. Along the way, Denise fills her own shopping basket and meets retail experts and fellow middle aisle devotees.

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Snuggly shocker of the night: Bargain-hunting Denise Van Outen was thrilled on Secrets Of The Middle Aisle (C4) by a heated electric dressing gown. It plugged into the mains.

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