This Christmas we need all need a festive pick-me-up. We want to indulge, but with money being tighter than ever, how can we get both good quality and value?

Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton show how to get a luxury Christmas for less. They speak to former supermarket insiders and uncover what the supermarkets know about our tastes and our shopping habits and reveal how we can use that knowledge to get a brilliant Christmas at bargain prices.

The programme also reveals why you shouldn’t be afraid of doing your Christmas shop at Aldi or Lidl – there is a very good chance you are buying the same product as sold by the high-end supermarkets. Sabrina and Helen show what the codes and markings you need to look out for to work this out and hear from high-ranking industry insiders about how some luxury Christmas food products are made by the same manufacturers, in the same factories. Only the branding is more expensive.

With the help of former supermarket executives and retail psychologists, we investigate the secret role party food plays in getting us to spend more than we need to, why we are wasting money on champagne and how we can get just as good fizz for half the price; and why buying the biggest chocolates in the store almost certainly means you aren’t getting bang for your buck.

Sabrina and Helen will also reveal the secret of buying a turkey – and find out why so many of us get it wrong. And they will uncover what separates the luxury mince pies from the rest.

2020 will be a Christmas like no other: Luxury Christmas for Less will be the essential guide to saving not just a bit of cash – but the joy of Christmas itself.