As the High Street shuts up shop for the foreseeable future, Amazon is booming, hiring 175,000 extra workers worldwide to meet the unprecedented demand. This Supershoppers special reveals all the tricks and tips you need to know when you buy from Amazon, including how to bag a bargain and how to spot when you are paying more than you should.

Presenters Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton reveal easy hacks to track prices, and show how to use Amazon’s algorithms and apps to our advantage to get the best deals – both on the site and off. They ask how much we should trust this massive, fast-growing tech giant, revealing the big name brands sold on the site that may be fake, the dangerous toys on offer, and the murky world of fake Amazon reviews.

As we find ourselves pushed to online shop more than ever, this Supershoppers programme lifts the lid on everything we need to know about the world’s biggest retail store.

Everything you need to know about the world's biggest retailer"

Daily Mail

Cometh the hour, cometh Channel 4’s consumer rights heroes, the Supershoppers Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton, to reveal the tricks you can deploy to get a better deal online, and how to spot when you’re paying too much. There’s an analysis of the methods employed by the company, as well as an intriguing probe into the sometimes murky world of fake Amazon reviews.

The Times

Well-researched and rang some urgent alarm bells. It was enough to make you think twice.


At 9pm, Channel 4 smashed slot average by around 25% with Firecrest Films’ Supershoppers special The Truth About Amazon (2.1m / 10.9%). The episode was the second-best performing show in the slot of the year so far, only beaten by a January episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody (2.5m / 12.5%).