The Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow is the second biggest cancer treatment centre in the UK. It treats a population of almost three million people across the west of Scotland,offering state-of-the-art treatment, and is at the forefront of the development and trials of new cancer drugs.

This three-part series tells the stories of patients undergoing treatment at the Beatson, showing the work of the medical staff, and revealing how cancer care has improved in the past decade.

Each programme focuses on a different cancer - breast, lung, and prostate. These are among the most common in the UK, and account for a large proportion of cancer deaths each year. The Beatson is developing new, innovative approaches to their treatment.

In the first episode the focus is on breast cancer and six women, whose cancers are at different stages, share their stories.

The three part series was broadcast on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 25th April and was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland award in 2018.

The calm articulacy of patients and doctors is quietly inspiring.

London Evening Standard