Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother

One of the highest rating documentaries on Channel 4 in 2017, with a consolidated audience of 2.6m, this insightful film uncovers the turbulent relationship between Princess Diana and her formidable stepmother.

Raine Spencer was a force of nature, rising from humble origins with help from her larger-than-life mother, Barbara Cartland, to become a Countess three times and a member of the Royal Family. 

She was a divisive figure, doted on by Diana’s father Johnnie Spencer - but loathed by Diana and her siblings. 

Yet as her own marriage collapsed, Diana made the most unlikely U-turn, reaching out to Raine for support. Raine was transformed from ‘wicked stepmother’ into one of Diana’s closest confidantes. 

Featuring exclusive interviews from friends and insiders, and fresh insights into Diana’s traumatic upbringing, this is a revelatory tale of two formidable women and their extraordinary lives through marriage, divorce and tragedy.

An extraordinary documentary... This hugely affectionate and sympathetic programme certainly gave Raine the last word.

Daily Mail

A gossipy, full-throttle and altogether naughty documentary

Daily Telegraph

Great fun

The Guardian