The Hunt for the World’s End Killers is a new 2 x 60 box set that examines the 1977 murders of two young women who were last seen in the World’s End Bar in Edinburgh. The discovery of their bodies would spark one of the longest ongoing manhunts in British criminal history and an investigation that would reveal the existence of a serial killer who one Detective describes as “the single most dangerous man who walked the streets of Scotland in the 20th Century”.

Sensitively handled and impressively researched, this absorbing two-part documentary recounts an utterly tragic saga with far more depth and context than one usually finds in programmes of this nature. Bolstered by insightful contributions from various journalists, authors and retired police officers, it’s a rigorous piece of social history which, among many other things, covers some landmark developments in the support for female victims of sexual violence. An exemplary essay.

The Courier