Sales of supermarket own labels are at their highest level ever in Britain. In this eye-popping new show, Denise Van Outen reveals the truth about supermarket own brands, uncovering who really makes them. As we all looking at ways to slash our spending, Denise reveals the cheaper alternatives which offer better value, and names big brands that secretly also make the cheaper own label option. From Aldi and Lidl to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, your favourite chocolate chip biscuits through to washing powder, Denise uncovers up-to-now classified details behind our favourite brands.

Critics' Choice - Triple-threat actor, presenter and shopper Denise van Outen, apparently never happier than when sashaying behind a trolley, has her eyes on the own-brands in this entertaining consumer show.

Sunday Times

This was fresh out of the box. Outen had some genuinely good tips. Did you know about the codes on packaging that reveal where a product is made? Her analysis of how supermarkets operate was incisive and revealing yet delivered with the lightest of touches. Making something look this easy is hard. Sign her up for the next Budget someone.

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