Amazon is one of the biggest winners of the pandemic. With so much of our shopping being done online, Amazon was the first port of call for many of us. The online giant has seen revenue and profits soar by almost 40% year on year, reporting it’s biggest ever quarterly profits of £5 billion and sales of £70 billion in the last three months alone.

With much of the High St now closed in the run up to Christmas, Amazon is poised to reap even more benefits. It has recruited an extra 400,000 staff to keep up with the coronavirus-driven demand - that’s the equivalent of putting the entire city of Leicester on its payroll.

Following on from Channel 4’s previous investigations into Amazon, this three-part series presented by Helen Skelton and Sabrina Grant will ask the burning questions we all need answered: how do we shop smart on Amazon? How did Amazon beat the rest, and upend the High Street? And should we trust Amazon this Christmas?

With insight and revelation from executives, tech analysts and experts, Sabrina and Helen show how to get hidden bargains on Amazon and expose the questionable practices we all need to know about.

Across three episodes, The Truth About Amazon will be the ultimate guide to how Amazon dominates our shopping and everything we need to know when using it.

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